WATCH: Bill O'Reilly channels inner Afrikaner, complains that "the left wants power taken away from the white establishment"

"It sounds like he was defending apartheid" in talking about the "white establishment," one pundit says

Published December 21, 2016 1:16PM (EST)

For those who've never seen "The O'Reilly Factor," host Bill O'Reilly spends a portion of his show editorializing — like a far-right Andy Rooney. The segment is called "Talking Points Memo," and on Tuesday it was about the abolishment of the Electoral College.

"The left sees white privilege in America as an oppressive force that must be done away with," O'Reilly said, without having any idea what he was actually saying.

Therefore, white working class voters must be marginalized and what better way to do that than center the voting power in the cities. Very few commentators will tell you that the heart of liberalism in America today is based on race. It permeates almost every issue. That white men have set up a system of oppression. That system must be destroyed. Bernie Sanders pedaled that to some extent Hillary Clinton did. And the liberal media tries to sell that all day long. So-called white privilege bad. Diversity good.

If you look at the voting patterns, it's clear that the Democrats are heavily reliant on the minority vote. Also on the woman vote. White men have largely abandoned the Democrats and the left believes it's because of racism that they want to punish minorities, keep them down. So that's what's really going on when you hear about the Electoral College and how unfair it allegedly is. Summing up, the left wants power taken away from the white establishment. They want a profound change in the way America is run. Taking voting power away from the white precincts is the quickest way to do that.

On MSNBC's "Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell," David Corn, Washington bureau chief at Mother Jones, compared O'Reilly's rant to apartheid South Africa.

"When I was listening to O'Reilly do that rant tonight," Corn said, "I was thinking about South Africa — talking about protecting the white establishment?"

"O'Reilly and folks at Fox [News] are always yelling at the left and others for putting things in racial terms," he added. "I can't think of anything more racial than saying that people are protecting or trying to attack a white establishment. I mean, a lot of people could go after the establishment, but they don't call it a 'white establishment.' It sounds like he was defending apartheid."

By Brendan Gauthier

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