Let's all watch Rob Schneider explain to Rep. John Lewis the meaning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The actor gives a civil rights legend a lesson in how to civil rights

Published January 16, 2017 9:26PM (EST)

Rob Schneider      (AP/Richard Shotwell)
Rob Schneider (AP/Richard Shotwell)

Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. He served next to the civil rights legend as they were beaten on the Edmund Petts Bridge. Lewis was beaten at lunch counters, threatened with death and arrested numerous times.

Rob Schneider played a character that attempted to have sex with a goat.

So it was a little awkward Monday, when Schneider decided to do a little bit of explaining to Lewis about how King "accomplished & won Civil Rights."

Schneider was responding to Lewis' claims that Donald Trump was "illegitimate," which caused the future president of the United States to respond on Twitter because he was miffed at criticism.

While noted historian Rob Schneider was saying that civil rights was over — an amazing statement if you're black and live in North Carolina, let's say — the rest of the internet was amazed that Schneider would use this day to give Lewis insight into his own confidant.

Now, the Roberino — the Ducey Bigalow — is also a political scientist and prognosticator. The day after the election he said that America "is not divided," which is a prediction that's bleaker than his future job outlook, which may just revolve around cameos in Adam Sandler movies. His jokes have indicated he may not be a Donald Trump fan — and may not be a Hillary Clinton fan, either.

There's a bright side to the worst-reviewed actor of all time's take. It's not the worst take from a famous person today. That would go to — of course — Piers Morgan.

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