WATCH: Samantha Bee mocks President Donald Trump's lackluster inaugural weekend

From boring musicians to small crowd sizes, TBS's "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" had a lot of targets to hit

Published January 26, 2017 1:32PM (EST)


Samantha Bee looked at President Trump's inauguration on Wednesday night, and let's just say she was unimpressed with the festivities.

The "Full Frontal" host dedicated most of her opening monologue to Trump's inaugural speech and the concert that was held for him the night before he was sworn in.

"Friday the world watched America swear in as its 45th president the concept of white-male mediocrity," Bee joked to start the show.

Bee was alarmed by some of the rhetoric in the speech, suggesting some of the "America first" phrasing was a little fascist. She refused to call the president a Nazi, but she was not willing to bite her tongue when it comes to President Trump's closest adviser, Steve Bannon, who now holds the title of White House chief strategist.

"I don't think you are Hitler, however, that Goldman Sachs wormtongue who tells you what to say is filling your mouth with more Nazi code than Enigma," Bee said.

Because Trump's popularity and ego seem directly correlated to crowd sizes recently, Bee couldn't help but join in on the joke.

"President Trump delivered his pet frog's 'Morning in Dystopia' speech to a mall that had more empty white space than the Republican plan to replace Obamacare."

The concert before Trump's inauguration had trouble booking top-level musicians to perform at the show, as singers like Elton John refused to perform. The end product was not pretty. "Trump's concert was like his cabinet: male, overwhelming white, and devoid of A-list talent," Bee said.

"So far this week, our new overlord has torn up treaties, taken the first steps toward a Muslim ban, order the construction of his dumbass wall and threatened to invade Chicago like his own little Crimea," Bee said. "Dress rehearsal is over guys, the tragedy has begun."

Watch Bee roast President Trump below:

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