President Trump's anger over his ban was limited to Twitter, as his Muslim ban stalls in court

"Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril," the president whined on Twitter

By Matthew Rozsa
Published February 6, 2017 3:20PM (EST)
 (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to let the world know that he is sort at Judge James Robart for blocking his Muslim ban.

President Trump found himself unable to do much more about the resistance to his Muslim ban than complain on Twitter, as his ban was halted on Saturday and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected an emergency request to resume it on Sunday. 

"I'm . . . asked to look and determine if the executive order is rationally based. And rationally based, to me implies to some extent, means I have to find it grounded in facts instead of fiction," Judge Robart told Michelle Bennett, a lawyer from the Department of Justice, over the weekend.

"Your Honor, we actually don't think you are supposed to look at whether it's rationally based. We think that the standard is, again, facially legitimate," Bennett responded. 

Although Judge Robart's Saturday ruling only established that allowing the ban to remain in place until it could be heard by the courts would cause more harm than good, the most memorable moment of his court hearing occurred when his questioning forced the Trump administration's lawyer to argue against the concept of rationally based thinking.

The Trump administration's "facially legitimate" standard would effectively mean that as long as the president's executive order serves a valid governmental purpose, in this case protecting the United States against terrorism, than it is automatically constitutional.

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