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Stories made “with and for” the people in far corners of local communities, from AIR producers embedded across the US


Published February 8, 2017 12:24PM (EST)

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AIR’s team of 150 Finding America producers spent the last year embedded in far corners of local communities typically depicted by the media through a narrow lens of violence, poverty, or injustice. The goal was to open a wider margin into day-to-day living, and develop new ways to make stories for and with the people. In these 2 minute audio dispatches, they invite you to meet some of the magical and ordinary people they encountered along the byways, and find more stories of America’s richly diverse citizenry on their multimedia documentary site.

Listen to one of the stories:

Find more audio dispatches: on their multimedia documentary site or on iOS and Android here:


This podcast is part of Salon's new collection of Featured Audio highlighting culturally diverse voices and undiscovered stories.


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