Which panel would you attend at the Conservative Political Action Conference?

2017 CPAC panels range from "When did WWIII begin?" to "If heaven has extreme vetting, why can't America?"

Published February 21, 2017 8:52PM (EST)


The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (also known as CPAC) is back in Washington this week. The conference is the place where the right wing of America plots its future, Salon previously reported.

This year's CPAC comes with the tagline "reclaiming America's promise" and has a host of panels and special speakers -- including Sen. Ted Cruz. Here are some of CPAC's best panels:

Trigger warnings & safe spaces: campus activism in a PC age

  • Micah Pearce, American Majority

Fake climate news camouflaging an anti-capitalist agenda – and what president Trump plans to do about it

  • Sponsored by E&E Legal Institute

The alt right ain't right at all

  • Dan Schneider, American Conservative Union

How to bring prominent conservative speakers to your campus

  • Patrick X. Coyle, Young America's Foundation

FREE stuff vs FREE-dom: millenials' love affair with Bernie Sanders?

  • Moderator: Mercedes Schlapp, The Washington Times
  • Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-6)
  • Dr. Greg Dolin, ACU Foundation Senior Fellow
  • Ana Quintana, The Heritage Foundation

When Did WWIII Begin? Part A: Threats at Home

  • Moderator: Ginni Thomas, The Daily Caller
  • Sheriff David Clarke
  • Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy
  • Trevor Loudon, Author
  • The Hon. Maureen Ohlhausen, Commissioner, US FTC

A conversation with Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon

  • The Hon. Reince Priebus, The White House
  • The Hon. Steve Bannon, The White House
  • The Hon. Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union Chairman

Recovering from the Obama flu: What is the prescription for health care?

  • Moderator: Philip Klein, Washington Examiner
  • Dale Bellis, Liberty HealthShare
  • Rep. Mike Burgess (TX-26)
  • Scott Flanders, eHealth
  • Grace Marie Turner, Galen Institute

The popular vote - does it matter & what you can do about it

  • Matt Batzel, American Majority
  • Nate Nelson, American Majority

Is BDS BS? The left's attack on Israel

  • Moderator: Ned Ryun, American Majority
  • Lisa Daftari, Investigative Journalist
  • Erielle Davidson, Hoover Institution
  • Sander Gerber, Fellow at the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs

Black Lives Matter, so why does the left not support law enforcement?

  • Moderator: Ed McFadden, ACU Board Member
  • Wayne Dupree, CRN Digital Talk
  • Sonnie Johnson, Breitbart

When did World War III begin? Part B: threats abroad

  • Moderator: Gordon Chang, ACU Foundation Senior Fellow
  • Zuhdi Jasser, ACU Board Member
  • Amb. Francis Rooney
  • Mike Waltz, Former US Army Green Beret

Brexit and what it means for the world

  • Nigel Farage, Member of the European Parliament
  • Introduced by Raheem Kassam, Breitbart

Hush: abortion's effects on Women the pro-choice lobby doesn't want you to know

  • Sponsored by Save the Storks

Revolt of the deplorables: inside election 2016

  • Sponsored by Capital Research Center
  • Who Plays God? A Conversation On Assisted Suicide
  • Julie Hocker, ACU Foundation Policy Fellow
  • Stan Swim, GFC Foundation

Repealing Obama's banking monstrosity and making money work again: making money great again

  • Moderator: John Carney, Breitbart
  • Rep. Bob Beauprez (CO-7)
  • Rep. French Hill (AR-2)
  • The Hon. Tom Hoenig, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

If heaven has a gate, a wall,  and extreme vetting, why can't America?

  • Moderator: Rep. Bob Beauprez (CO-10)
  • Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-5)
  • Rep. Ken Buck (CO-4)
  • Mike Gonzales, The Heritage Foundation
  • Helen Krieble, Vernon K. Krieble Foundation

Facts, not feelings: snowflakes, safe spaces and trigger warnings

  • Moderator: Bryan Bernys, Leadership Institute
  • Madison Gesiotto, The Washington Times
  • Lawrence Jones, TheBlaze
  • Amanda Owens, Future Female Leader
  • Dr. Matthew Spalding, Hillsdale College

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