Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions with Leslie Jones on Saturday Night Live

WATCH: Life is like a box of racist chocolates for Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions

Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions says "Life is like a box of chocolates - sure are a lot of brown ones in there!"

Alli Joseph
March 5, 2017 6:34PM (UTC)

On last night's Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon donned yet another character and played Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who last week recused himself from any investigations into President Donald Trump's campaign, adding to the growing list of administration officials who appear to have conflicts of interest with Russia and other entities.

As the two sat on a bench waiting for a bus -  in an iconic scene from the film Forrest Gump - McKinnon's Sessions took the Gump role, clutching his box of chocolates and bantering with Jones about the events of the prior week.  He asked Jones, who was dressed as a 1960's nurse, if she had ever worked in the government, to which she said no.  After telling Jones that being in the government was "fun", he whipped out the well-known photo of Kellyanne Conway sitting on her heels on an oval office couch, while everyone else stood. "This is my friend Kellyanne," he preened. "She ain't got no legs! She and I are about as close and peas and carrots!"


He continued his monologue, "She's the best talker you ever heard! They say she could sell steak to a skunk! But...they don't let her talk anymore." Offering Jones a chocolate, which she turns down, he noted, "I always say, life is like a box of chocolates - sure are a lot of brown ones in there!" To audience laughter, an annoyed Jones got up and left the bench.  Soon, another traveler sat down.  The man, looking at a recent newspaper told Sessions he might have perjured himself, to which Sessions replied, "Yeah, I had a bad week...my lawyer told me, "run, Jeffrey, run!", so I ended up here on this park bench with you!"

After stating that he didn't talk to any Russians, Sessions soon began his conversation with a new traveler saying, "I talk to Russians." Soon, Beck Bennett as Vladimir Putin showed up, shirtless as usual, on the bench. "This meeting never happened!" he grumbled.  SNL guest host Octavia Spencer sat down next, and handed Sessions a brownie pie, which she implied in an inside joke was not fully chocolate, but also filled with human poop, as it was in her film "The Help".  Sessions took a big bite, proclaiming it "delicious!"

Alli Joseph

Alli Joseph is a writer/producer and family historian; a Native New Yorker, she is a member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

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