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"Rolled his eyes": Barack Obama has no words for Donald Trump's claim that he wiretapped him

The former president believes that Trump is undermining "the integrity of the office"

Taylor Link
March 9, 2017 12:17AM (UTC)

Former President Barack Obama flatly denied the allegation that he wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election. Sources close to Obama told NBC News that he "rolled his eyes" upon hearing President Donald Trump's tweets which claimed, as a matter of fact, that he committed a felony by illegally conducting surveillance on his political opponent.

Obama had hoped that he would have an extended vacation after running the free world for eight years. But because Trump won the election (and triggered a Constitutional crisis), the outgoing president knew that he might have to make himself available sooner than he originally hoped.


Never could Obama have imagined that he'd have to defend himself against felony charges two months into his successor's administration.

Still, Obama does not appear to be fretting about Trump's accusation. A person familiar with Obama's thinking said that Trump's tweets are the least of Obama's worries. The former president is "much more concerned by President Trump kicking people off their health insurance, not staffing the government, not being prepared for a crisis, rolling back regulations so that corporations can pollute the air and water and letting mentally unstable people buy guns with no problems whatsoever," the source said.

The source also revealed that Obama thinks that Trump is undermining the integrity of the office, stoking unnecessary distrust in civil servants. As far as his own reputation and legacy, Obama does not seem to care because he knows Trump's allegations are baseless.


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