A Maryland man went to New York and stabbed someone because he opposed interracial relationships

The Marylander traveled all the way to New York to act out a racist revenge plan

By Matthew Rozsa
Published March 22, 2017 6:00PM (EDT)

An alleged white supremacist from Maryland traveled to New York City so he could violently attack African-American men who enter romantic relationships with white women.

The suspect, identified as 28-year-old James Harris Jackson, told cops that the stabbing was motivated by racial resentment, according to The New York Daily News. He was arrested after walking into a Times Square substation and telling police, "You need to arrest me. I have the knife in my coat." Cops discovered that Jackson had two knives on him. The victim was identified as Timothy Caughman.

Jackson was described by the Daily news as "a military vet with membership in a documented hate group from Maryland." He wanted to attack an interracial couple, the New York Post reported.

The stabbing happened after Jackson and Caughman were arguing over an unclear subject before Jackson stabbed Caughman in the chest and back. Caughman walked for a block before going to the Midtown South Precinct seeking assistance.

Over the past year, white supremacists have become emboldened, the Southern Poverty Law Center notes. Meanwhile, white supremacists and other extremists have been joining law enforcement agencies around the United States over the past decade.

Matthew Rozsa

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