WATCH: Samantha Bee hits Donald Trump, Republicans for blaming everyone but themselves for health care disaster

How does a president who says he's a dealmaker excuse his not being able to make a deal with his own party?

Published March 30, 2017 11:35AM (EDT)

 (YouTube/Full Frontal)
(YouTube/Full Frontal)

What happens when you have two branches of Congress and can't even muster enough votes to repeal the law you've been trying to repeal since it was enacted? You blame the other party. That's what "Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee took from last week's American Health Care Act debacle.

"It's not their fault," Bee said. "They spent 17 whole days trying to reform one-sixth of the nation's economy. And they tried everything! Making the bill shorter, issuing empty threats, moving the bill to the right and just kinda crossing their fingers that moderates wouldn't notice. They even made victory commercials before the bill even passed and forgot to not run them after it didn't.

"Your bill was killed by friendly fire," Bee noted, pointing to the House Freedom Caucus, which was not going to vote for Paul Ryan's bill. But Bee also had strong words for President Donald Trump, who is now using a "government is hard" defense to gloss over the fact that he billed himself as a dealmaker.

"Trump couldn't sell Obamacare repeal to a House that voted for it 60 times already?" Bee said. "Closing deals is the one thing president big boy truck was supposed to know how to do."

Trump's deal-making skills were less than impressive, Bee noted. "The president thought he could schmooze the budget-cutting bros. with rides on Air Force One, complete with lasagna."


Bee summed up Trump's crash-and-burn attempt at legislation quite well: "The charmer-in-chief struck out harder than the douchey guy in the bar who goes up to every girl in the room and asks, 'Do you model? Because you should model."


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