WATCH: 5 reasons Maxine Waters should be our next president

Today on Salon 5 we discuss Maxine Water's political prowess and why she'd make a great president

By D. Watkins

Editor at Large

Published April 12, 2017 6:00PM (EDT)

This Salon video was produced by Kevin Carlin

The way Republicans gloat about the new president is disgusting­­: It's the lowest form of groveling I've ever seen. And the historically low standards set for this administration only make matters worse. Trump still receives praise, even after the string of failures he's collected during his first 100 days.

What’s funny to me is that right-wing pundits like Fox News host Bill O’Reilly never challenge Trump on real issues, like his failed travel ban and his squad of Russia-connected minions. But O’Reilly does find the time to disrespect a legend like Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who has a history of fighting for women, children and minorities living in poverty. Instead of being a coward for attacking a woman and trying to embarrass her on air, O’Reilly should be praising Waters and telling his viewers that she would make a better president than Donald Trump.

Unlike Trump, Waters is a champion of the people. She started working in segregated restaurants at age 13 and fought her way out of poverty while Trump was living in the lap of luxury, attending private schools and enjoying the life of privileged millionaire. The work ethic that Waters picked up as a teenager pushed her to have the heart to fight against the apartheid regime in South Africa and the courage to be one of the few to speak out against the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, I’ve yet to see Trump take a stand on an issue that wasn’t directly connected to his ego.

Today on Salon 5 we will discuss Waters, her amazing political talents, and why we millennials love her so much. Watch the video to learn more about why Maxine Waters should be our next president.

By D. Watkins

D. Watkins is an Editor at Large for Salon. He is also a writer on the HBO limited series "We Own This City" and a professor at the University of Baltimore. Watkins is the author of the award-winning, New York Times best-selling memoirs “The Beast Side: Living  (and Dying) While Black in America”, "The Cook Up: A Crack Rock Memoir," "Where Tomorrows Aren't Promised: A Memoir of Survival and Hope" as well as "We Speak For Ourselves: How Woke Culture Prohibits Progress." His new books, "Black Boy Smile: A Memoir in Moments," and "The Wire: A Complete Visual History" are out now.

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