Report: Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle is in talks to become Trump's new press secretary

Sean Spicer is reported to have lost the president's favor — and Kimberly Guilfoyle may be his replacement

By Matthew Rozsa
Published May 16, 2017 2:18PM (EDT)
 (Photo by Evan Agostini/InvisionAP)
(Photo by Evan Agostini/InvisionAP)

The reports that White House press secretary Sean Spicer is in bad standing with President Donald Trump just assumed increased credibility. Now a Fox News host claims she is talking with the White House about replacing Spicer altogether.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former first lady of San Francisco (she has since divorced former Mayor Gavin Newsom, who is currently lieutenant governor of California), told the Mercury News Monday night that she is in the middle of conversations with the Trump administration about replacing Spicer as press secretary.

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"I’m a patriot, and it would be an honor to serve the country," Guilfoyle told the Mercury News. "I think it’d be a fascinating job, it’s a challenging job, and you need someone really determined and focused, a great communicator in there with deep knowledge to be able to handle that position."

Guilfoyle is currently a co-host of the Fox News show "The Five," and although she was originally considered for the press secretary position, that job was ultimately given to Spicer. On Friday, however, The New York Times reported that Trump was returning to the idea of hiring Guilfoyle, a conversation that can presumably be connected to Trump's reported dissatisfaction with Spicer's performance.

Guilfoyle has argued in the past that Trump needs a press secretary with whom he has "a very close relationship, where there’s trust there, there’s inherent loyalty, someone who’s been there from the beginning."

In case there was any doubt that Guilfoyle was casting herself in that role, Guilfoyle told the Mercury News that "I think I have a very good relationship with the president. I think I enjoy a very straightforward and authentic, very genuine relationship, one that’s built on trust and integrity, and I think that’s imperative for success in that position."

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