Sean Hannity's prescribed fix to White House press briefings is curiously identical to Donald Trump's

Enough with the "gotcha questions," says Sean Hannity to "liberal so-called journalists" as a scandal erupts

Published May 16, 2017 3:53PM (EDT)

 (YouTube/Fox News)
(YouTube/Fox News)

On his self-titled show, Fox News personality and Trump huckster Sean Hannity on Monday advocated for "restructured" daily press briefings.

"White House press briefings have turned into nothing more than a dog and pony show and are no longer serving the country," the "Hannity" host argued. "And, instead, with few exceptions, we see liberal so-called journalists trying to make a name for themselves with their big gotcha questions and other combative, attention-seeking behavior."

"The president is in ... a unique position to communicate daily and directly with the country without using the press as his messenger," he continued, citing President Donald Trump's millions of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers. "What about taking questions from you, the American people, on Facebook?"

His fixes to press briefings read like a silent auction:

If these daily briefings do continue, I would argue they need to be restructured. First, the White House press team should regularly develop a list of the top and most important 15, 20, 25 issues of the day. Next, the media . . . should be able to submit questions about these issues, in writing, give the White House time to respond with clarity and specificity. And if Sean Spicer then wants to take a couple of questions from the briefing room podium, that's fine, but only on those specific topics. And he should follow up in writing on any other questions they should have.

Later in the same show, Hannity asked his guest, conservative pundit Laura Ingraham, if she'd be willing if asked to serve as the White House's communications director.

"I would always go help serve my country if I thought I could really make a difference," Ingraham replied.

Hannity's on-air editorial echoed Trump's suggestion last week that "'press briefings'" be replaced by "written responses for the sake of accuracy."

"Let’s not ever do any more press briefings," Trump then told Hannity's network-mate, Judge Jeanine Pirro, in an interview that aired Saturday night. He added: "We do it through a piece of paper with a perfectly accurate, beautiful answer."

Watch Hannity's monologue below:

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