Jimmy Kimmel brings back "Schoolhouse Rock" to teach us about President Trump's lying

Jimmy Kimmel teaches us how a Trump lie works in the political ecosystem

Published May 17, 2017 9:13AM (EDT)

 (YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)
(YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel)

Jimmy Kimmel resurrected "Schoolhouse Rock," everyone's favorite educational programming, on Tuesday to help teach kids about U.S. politics under President Donald Trump.

"We are now living in a world of alternative facts," Kimmel explained to his audience.

The host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" noted that American children must find it increasingly difficult to understand Trump's temperament and his tendency to lie.

"We are raised to believe that the president tells the truth, but that isn't necessarily the case anymore," Kimmel said.

So, taking a cue from "Schoolhouse Rock," Kimmel and his writing team came up with a new riff  that will explain how the government works now.

In the video, a boy visiting Washington, D.C. approaches what looks to be a bill from the old "Schoolhouse Rock" episodes. But it's actually a lie.

"I'm a lie," the lie said. "Let me try to explain."

"I'm just a lie. Yes, I'm only a lie. I'm so untrue I just want to cry," the lie then starts singing. "Well, I just popped out of the president's brain and the very idea of it is completely insane but someday I am going to be a fact. Oh, yes, I will try and will try but today I am still just a lie."

The boy asks the lie why he is so determined to become a fact if it is untruthful.

"You see kid, I make the president feel good about himself. And sometimes I can even help him sell his policies to voters."

By Taylor Link

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