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Get high with a little help from your yoga teacher

Published May 19, 2017 7:33PM (EDT)


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If yoga with goats and cats and bunnies isn’t your thing, perhaps this is: A marijuana-enhanced yoga retreat in Ojai, California. The Cannabliss experience is five days in June of food, yoga, and yes, legal weed, all meant to help you expand your mind and connect to your body. What could be better than a marijuana yoga retreat?

According to the Cannabliss website, tickets to the retreat — which range from $1,010 to $1,212 per person—include:

  • Gourmet cannabis infused meals by GrassFed
  • Cannabis influenced yoga and meditational experiences
  • Psychedelic black light yoga & dance party sponsored by KATY
  • Cacao and plant medicine evening ceremonies
  • Acupuncture, massage energy healing sessions
  • Mind and heart expanding “Plant your Seed” workshops
  • Sativa infused fitness experiences to elevate endorphins
  • Creative, inspired time to design your vision
  • In depth education on the use of cannabis and plant medicines
  • Gift bags with the best products on the market

Cannabliss Retreats founder Sari Gabbay told LA Weekly, “People have obviously been smoking and using cannabis for years. It’s not a new thing, but this is a new frontier. People aren’t aware of this kind of engagement with the plant.”

“We’re really trying to tune in with what the wellness community wants so we can curate strains,” Johnny Deim, founder of cultivation company Humboldt Brothers which will provide the greenery for the retreat, said. Lori Barron, acupuncturist and herbalist, added: “I’m going to be talking about cannabis and how it can be used very intentionally, not so much for getting stoned. If you microdose it, it’s incredible for your health: lowering your inflammation, stress and anxiety. It has so many more uses than people realize.”

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