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Trevor Noah: President Trump has only won "phony accomplishments"

"He really is a TV president"

Taylor Link
June 7, 2017 12:14PM (UTC)

President Donald Trump has the uncanny ability to appear as if he is getting things done, but in reality there is no progress, no direction for his White House's agenda. "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah noted this Tuesday night during his monologue, pointing to the recent signing ceremony involving Trump's plan to privatize air traffic control.

"The Daily Show" played a clip of Trump signing the memo as he's surrounded by GOP leaders applauding the seemingly significant move.


But there was one caveat to the celebration: Trump did not actually sign any binding document; it was merely a proposal that might one day become in effect.

"He just wrote a to-do list, then signed it like it was all done," Noah explained to his audience. "He really is a TV president."

"This is a recurring theme that is the weirdest part of Trump's presidency," Noah added. "He loves the performance of doing things, but a lot of the time nothing is actually being done."

"The Daily Show" host did not have to look far to find another example to prove his theory. Noah next cited the so-called $110 billion arms deal he supposedly signed with the Saudis last month. ABC News found that the U.S. was nowhere close to receiving that kind of money, as only around $25 billion of the $110 billion is in the actual pipeline, and future sales are not guaranteed.

"Essentially, Donald Trump wants to be president, but he doesn't want to do president," Noah said.

"Donald Trump is like a creepy boyfriend touching his girl friend's belly, going, 'Yeah we are expecting a boy.' And his girlfriend is like, 'We have never even had sex,'" Noah joked.


At the end of the monologue, Noah brought out his own, tiny desk to sign a proposal that calls on Trump to stop lying. Like the memo to privatize air traffic control, everyone knows that will not happen, either.


Taylor Link

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