Lord Buckethead helps John Oliver explain Brexit negotiations

John Oliver how complicated the Brexit negotiations can become

Charlie May
June 12, 2017 12:09PM (UTC)

Following Conservative British Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to call a "snap election" in an an attempt to consolidate her power —  which turned out to be a massive blunder for both her and her party — negotiations surrounding Brexit have become increasingly unclear and talks are set to begin on next week. On Sunday's episode of "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver explained just how serious a proper negotiation is.

"This is going to be a messy, complicated divorce," Oliver explained. But he suggested Americans should imagine what it would be like if the state of Florida were to secede from the rest of the nation. "A great idea, and we should definitely do it, but it wouldn’t be easy," Oliver joked.


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"Think about everything that would actually entail," Oliver said. "Florida shares a border with Alabama and Florida that would potentially need patrolling. Any goods going over that border, like oranges or meth, would like be subject to tariffs," he explained.

The late-night comedian explained two of the broadest outcomes of the negotiations: whether the U.K. will have a "hard" or "soft" withdrawal from the European Union. "A concept that British TV has repeatedly attempted to explain, sometimes, in the most ludicrous possible fashion," Oliver said.

Oliver explained some of the nuances of the complicated task ahead, but he said it doesn't help that "the single most honest statement from any candidate in this election regarding the difficulty of the task ahead came from a man with a two foot bucket on his head," the late-night comedian joked, referring to a candidate named "Lord Buckethead" in the U.K. election who literally wears a Darth Vader-esque costume with a massive helmet.

Oliver pointed out that since May had only further complicated Brexit negotiations and that she should instead send someone who would at least be able to provide the element of surprise. "That's right, I'm talking about the intergalactic space-lord himself," Oliver joked, only to then finish off the show by bringing out — who else — Lord Buckethead.

Charlie May

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