Nearly half of Americans think Donald Trump obstructed justice: poll

Trump's ratings continue to plummet, as voters say they trust James Comey more

Published June 13, 2017 12:00PM (EDT)

Donald Trump; James Comey   (AP/Mark Humphrey/Getty/Chip Somodevilla/Photo montage by Salon)
Donald Trump; James Comey (AP/Mark Humphrey/Getty/Chip Somodevilla/Photo montage by Salon)

Nearly half of American voters believe that President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey, according to a new Public Policy Poll.

A majority of voters also said they believe the president is a liar.

A stunning 49 percent of voters believed the president committed a crime and obstructed justice, while only 41 percent said he didn't. Only 37 percent of voters believe Trump is honest, while 56 percent believe he is dishonest.

A majority of respondents — 53 percent of voters — believe that the president is a flat-out liar. Only 41 percent disagree with that characterization.

And, for the second straight month, there are more voters that support of the impeachment of Trump, than there are that oppose it.

The public trust in fired FBI Director James Comey is more than double than that of the president of the United States, as 51 percent of voters trust Comey and only 39 percent of voters said they trust Trump. Only 13 percent of voters believe it's the director of the FBI's job to do everything Trump tells them to do, while an overwhelming 77 percent disagree. Most voters (54 percent)  also believe that Trump's firing of Comey was because of the ongoing Russia investigation and only 35 percent disagreed.

Trump's policy agenda has taken quite the beating as well. Senate Republicans are looking to ram through health care in complete secrecy seeking to establish a vote on it before the July 4 recess and it has become obvious as to why. Only 24 percent of voters support the American Health Care Act and 55 percent oppose it.

By Charlie May

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