From London, silence: Trump leads list of people who haven't spoken out about this terror attack

Some of the people who were quick to denounce terrorism have been oddly silent this time around

By Matthew Rozsa
June 19, 2017 6:41PM (UTC)
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President Donald Trump's Twitter account has thus far remained silent about Monday morning's terrorist attack against Muslims outside a London mosque.

While the city was in the midst of a different terrorist attack weeks ago — one perpetrated by a Muslim man — Trump was on his Twitter account, using the attack as the basis for his "travel ban," and retweeting the Drudge Report and using the attack as justification to attack London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter for a comment that he took out of context.


NRATV, the video arm of the National Rifle Association, also tried to downplay this attack on London Muslims by referring to it as a "maybe attack."

"I was going to first ask you about the maybe attack in London, where again we had a van drive through folks it appears, in front of a mosque," host Grant Stinchfield proclaimed.

"I would like to get more information about what really happened there, as it’s still very early in this investigation," he later said. "But something just seems odd about the whole thing to me."


By contrast, after the Manchester terrorist attack, guest Chuck Holton argued that Europe has "opened their borders to so many refugees, they have done away with the personal protections, of their own people being able to protect their families with firearms.” He also claimed terrorists were "taking advantage of this multiculturalism and the, you know, gender-bending" and argued that "Europeans need these people to come in to help support their massive social welfare program."

One person from the Trump White House who did take the high road was the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Matthew Rozsa

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