WATCH: Why Trump fans won't dump him now

Salon talks to a psychoanalyst about why the emotional reaction to Donald Trump is impervious to facts

By Amanda Marcotte

Senior Writer

Published June 21, 2017 11:59AM (EDT)

Credit: Ron Sachs / CNP /MediaPunch/IPX
Credit: Ron Sachs / CNP /MediaPunch/IPX

Why do Donald Trump's supporters keep standing by their man, even in the face of mounting evidence of his administration's incompetence and possible corruption? Dr. Justin Frank, a psychoanalyst and the author of "Obama on the Couch," dives is into the psychology behind this phenomenon.

Trump voters, like most of us, he argued, are trying to control anxiety and rationalize their own decisions. Trump made them feel good about themselves, and that is an emotional reaction that cannot be countered with facts or evidence.

"The people who were Trump supporters were hungry," Frank said. "When they started out they were hungry for something different, they were hungry for change, they were hungry and they needed something. And Trump seemed to provide them with that. And once you provide that for someone they are going to stay loyal to you regardless of what you do after that, unless you really turn your back on them."

"It's like a child of an abused parent, or a child who is going to defend his mother against whatever attacks happen, because he touched people in a very deep core when he spoke to them," Frank added.

Watch the full interview above to learn more about why the national media's search for the repentant Trump voter is unlikely to be fruitful.

This video is part of a larger story about the phenomenon of seeking Trump voter remorse. Read the full story and listen to an interview with psychologist Carol Tavris on a new episode of our podcast "Salon Mix."

By Amanda Marcotte

Amanda Marcotte is a senior politics writer at Salon and the author of "Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself." Follow her on Twitter @AmandaMarcotte and sign up for her biweekly politics newsletter, Standing Room Only.

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