Bill Maher wants to make summer great again

The comedian says that America has reached peak stupidity all the time, rendering the summer months pointless

Published July 1, 2017 9:11AM (EDT)


"Real Time" host Bill Maher went on an epic rant about the decline of summer in America during his "New Rules" segment Friday.

"Someone has to tell me how summer, the time of year when we traditionally give our brains some rest, can retain its specialness if stupid season now runs on all year round," Maher said while taking a break from the panel discussion.

"How can you feel good about earning a vacation for your mind if we've retired from the job of think all together?" he asked.

Overcome with nostalgia, Maher noted that people used to enjoy their summers by reading trashy novels on the beach, watching "stupid" movies and disregarding any dress code.

Now people play Candy Crush on their phones and dress ridiculously all the time.

"We have now ruined summer because America insists on being peak stupid at all times," Maher said.

"Our president is Donald Trump," he added. "He's on vacation all the time. Everything he does is trivial. How is my guilty pleasure time of year supposed to out do that?"

"Before the internet, the only escape from work was the summer vacation," he continued. "But now escaping work is as easy as closing the office door and typing the words"

To end his rant, Maher gave his audience a call to action, demanding they took back summer.

"We have to get summer back. We got to be able to enjoy stupidity again. Hard earned respectable stupidity. That's what my goal is in the age of Trump," he said.

By Taylor Link

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