10 types of marijuana that will make the fireworks even better

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Published July 3, 2017 8:00PM (EDT)


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If you’ve already stocked up on fireworks, beer and food for your 4th of July bash then make sure to remember about marijuana, also known as the perfect fireworks companion. Trust us, your Independence Day will be so much better.

Know that there are multiple ways to consume marijuana: you can eat or drink it, rub it into your skin, vape, smoke and much more. Ask the budtenders at your local dispensary which products have the strains listed and then pick how you want to put it into your body.

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These 10 strains will get you in the right patriotic mood:


This hybrid is well balanced, bringing soothing and talkative effects that are perfect for a mid-day barbecue and mingling with your guests. It smells delicious and it’ll also make you feel like you’re brimming with energy.


This indica strain will make you feel euphoric, happy and giggly, with a very strong and delicious smell of delicious candy.

Skywalker Alien

This indica will make you feel happy, relaxed and free of all types of mental and physical stress. This strain’s focus is a cerebral one, that is great for having great conversations and get-togethers.

Purple Maui

This sativa is purpled colored and useful for recreational and medicinal uses. It’s also fast acting and not that intense, so it won’t leave you with crazy red eyes or making any time to consume.

Blue Jay Way

A great cure for nausea, restlessness and pain, this hybrid strain is very smelly and great for relaxing you when in social situations, easing any anxiety and nervousness.

Sour Dream

This strain is the cross of two famous types of cannabis that result in a powerful product that’ll leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric, great for social settings. It’s also very energizing, so you won’t be feeling like dozing off in the middle of your party.

Super Blue Dream

This hybrid is potent and fast acting, affecting you cerebrally more than physically, relieving you of any anxiety. While it’s still powerful and energizing, it’s not strong enough to bother you or be distracting.

Funky Monkey

This euphoric indica will make you feel talkative and smiley and it fits well with any type of social interactions.

Pine Tar Kush

This type of cannabis produces some very interesting social results, leaving you calm yet talkative. Its perfect for a quiet get together with some friends or a dinner.

Chocolate Meringue

This indica will elevate your mood and leave you feeling stress-free, talkative and super happy. It’ll also make you a little hungry, so it’s a perfect pairing for dinner plans with friends.

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