Need a Mental Break? There's an App for That

Aura may be the proof that one more app download can be the key to fully disconnecting.

Published July 11, 2017 10:31AM (EDT)

Aura Meditation App
Aura Meditation App

While technology can be a source of distraction and seem like a primary barrier to fully "checking out," smart phones - and apps - may also be part of the solution.

Enter the Aura app - one of Apple's favorite meditation apps of 2017.  By combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence with time-tested relaxation techniques from therapists and meditation teachers, Aura aims to deliver meditation for anyone.

Aura offers short, daily sessions designed to quickly relieve stress and anxiety. The meditations range from three to 10 minutes, so you can achieve on-demand peace to accommodate your comfort level and general attention span.

Before and after your sessions, Aura asks you about your current mood to paint a detailed picture of your emotional state over time. And if you’re feeling anxious, it can even send you helpful reminders to slow down with some deep breaths.

For an enhanced experience, Aura's premium subscription features a personalized meditation coach. The app uses machine learning to adapt and learn from your mood fluctuations to deliver personalized sessions.

Regardless of how much experience you have with mindful meditation, Aura helps to refine your practice in a way that fits with your lifestyle.

A one one-year subscription to Aura is available for iOS or Android for 68 percent off the usual price—just $29.99. Peace of mind? That's priceless.

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