Jon Stewart makes a surprise appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

The former late-night comedian has a talk with a Bar Mitzvah kid about which late-night host he should be admiring

Published July 14, 2017 7:57AM (EDT)


Jon Stewart crashed the set of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday night. He wasn't promoting anything, or offering his political insight. He just had a few words to say to a Pennsylvania kid who recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah with a Jimmy Kimmel-themed party.

Will Rubin from Media, Pennsylvania, invited Kimmel to his Bar Mitzvah, which was held in a theater where they had a replica of the late-night host's desk and his classic logo. Kimmel ultimately did not attend the party, but he did make a quick video honoring Rubin's adulthood.

Because Kimmel did not show up to the party in person, he asked Rubin to come onto the show Thursday via video chat — except he wasn't the only Jewish man to make a surprise appearance.

Jon Stewart casually walked onto stage to interrupt the budding mentor-mentee relationship.

"Hey Will, I'm Jon Stewart. I am a talk show host as well. I was years ago.  And I am a Jew," Stewart explained to the young Pennsylvania kid. "You probably had your choice idolizing any talk show host and you could have gone with a Jew is what I am saying."

Stewart asked Kimmel if he could speak with Rubin one-on-one, Jew-to-Jew, if you will.

“Don’t be fooled by his learned-looking beard and his puffy, sad eyes,” Stewart said of Kimmel, who was laughing during the entire bit. “He’s not rabbinical. He’s just unhealthy.”

"Would you rather idolize a talk show host that is also circumsize?" Stewart added. "He's not. He's still wearing his hoody."


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