Please stop talking about how Trump voters are feeling now — they won't change their minds

The latest Russia revelations — and likely the next ones too — won't deter Trump supporters, we've heard over again

Published July 14, 2017 1:26PM (EDT)

 (Salon/Flora Thevoux)
(Salon/Flora Thevoux)

Here's a scoop. Six months into the presidency of Donald Trump, some of his supporters — meaning, the people who voted for him knowing exactly who he was — haven't changed their minds about him. What's more, the media — the people who were kept in pens as Trump supporters jeered at them during rallies, and who the president recently called "the enemy of the American people" — wants to know if their investigative journalism is doing anything.

And would you believe that journalists' reports aren't changing the minds of Trump supporters?

On Thursday, The Tennessean took us into Waynesboro, where 86 percent of the 17,000 residents who voted pulled the lever for Trump. Reporters spoke to a Republican Party county chairwoman who said that she blamed "Democrats, the media and opponents" for headlines about Trump's son meeting with Russian officials after having lied about meeting with Russian officials. That sounds a lot like this CBS News story, which found that Ohio voters who think "the media is hounding on him constantly." That "just gives the Democrats fodder for their daily attacks on him," our Ohio Trump voter said just last month.

Let's go back to Ohio, where last week, Reuters was looking for insight into whether or not Ohio voters believe the Russian collusion investigation is a big deal. In the wake of recent revelations into collusion, supporters there were displeased that "the media is fixated on all things Russia."

Now, let's see if we can find someone who can explain what it would take to change their mind about Trump. The winning quote here comes from the aforementioned Tennessee county GOP chairwoman: "I guess maybe [Trump would have to] kill someone," our subject opines. "Just in cold blood."


So there you have it. Pick whichever narrative you want to, but you'll find it's really simple: Trump supporters like Trump.

By Jeremy Binckes

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