Who's no longer supporting the "unpresidential" Donald Trump now?

Polls show that the president's behavior is responsible for his bad ratings, even in some counties he needed to win

Published July 17, 2017 1:11PM (EDT)

Donald Trump (AP/Susan Walsh)
Donald Trump (AP/Susan Walsh)

A vast majority of Americans believe that since taking office, President Donald Trump has acted unpresidential, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Trump's behavior is costing him in the polls, as he continues to see a decline in his job performance due to various issues like his Twitter usage and his leadership as a role model. But it's costing him more than just bad ratings, the price he's paying for his optics is a dip in support in some of the counties that helped propel him to a shocking win.  In counties that flipped from support for President Barack Obama to support of Trump, his support is slowly slipping. NBC News elaborated:

The poll's sample was taken from 439 counties in 16 states — Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin — that either flipped from Barack Obama to Trump, or where Trump greatly outpaced Mitt Romney's performance in 2012.

Since Trump has very little policy to be judged upon up to this point, his behavior, and language have even taken a bit of a toll on people in counties that assisted his win in November. His approval rating in all of the "Trump counties" sits at 50 percent, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, which is higher than Sunday's overall job approval rating of 36 percent in the ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans don't see the president of the United States as a positive role model and 67 percent don't approve of the way of Trump uses Twitter. 58 percent of Americans said that the more they hear about Trump, the less they like him, compared to 29 percent who said they like him more.

Amongst Republicans, 38 percent have said Trump's conduct has been unpresidential rather than "fitting and proper," according to the ABC News poll. This sentiment is also shared with 48 percent of white evangelical Protestants and 55 percent of white men without a college education.

In only "surge counties," where Trump outpaced Romney, his approval rating sits at 56 percent. But in just the "flip counties," the president's approval rating is 44 percent, with 51 percent saying they disapprove.

By Charlie May

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