The trailer for Eminem's satirical "Bodied" captures the tense thrill of battle rap

"Bodied," co-produced by Eminem and Joseph Kahn, takes a sharp, smiling look at battle rap

Published August 3, 2017 11:08AM (EDT)

Eminem (AP/Matt Sayles)
Eminem (AP/Matt Sayles)

Shady's back again with a new film about the battle rap scene. This time, he will serve as the producer of "Bodied," a satirical film about a graduate student who stirs controversy on campus when his thesis subject on battle rap becomes more than just scholarly work.

Eminem co-produced the movie with music video director Joseph Kahn, who directed Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” with Kendrick Lamar. Kahn developed the story with the help of former rap battle champion and screenwriter, Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen, Billboard reported.

The trailer, which debuted earlier this week ahead of the movie's screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, shows a different tone than Eminem's touchstone project "8 Mile." But rest assured the rap battle sequences are going to be just as stimulating.

The film stars Disney Channel alum Calum Worthy, whose character, by the looks of the trailer, is having a tough time breaking into battle rap. "Battle rap is not boxing. It's a street fight," a voice-over says at the beginning of the trailer. "Words are weapons."

Beyond the tense rap battles, it seems as if Worthy's character will also have to struggle with his school's administration, which doesn't sound too happy about the controversy he is enflaming on campus.

"You know how sensitive the climate is to racism and appropriation," another voice-over says. "The administration is under a lot of pressure to act."

"Bodied" will feature battle circuit rappers Loaded Lux, Disaster, Dumbfounded, and Hollow Da Don, Pitchfork reported. The film is set for a Canadian release date of September 7 with a U.S. release date to come.

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