"The President Show" bids farewell to Anthony Scaramucci with a Mooch smooch

Scaramucci demonstrates his loyalty and love for the President by kissing his ex-boss on the lips

Published August 4, 2017 1:44PM (EDT)

 (YouTube/Comedy Central)
(YouTube/Comedy Central)

A week after introducing him, "The President Show" bid farewell to short-serving and short-tempered former White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, in steamy fashion.

The scene began with new chief of staff John Kelly — not seen here, and expressed only as the muffled trombone from the "Charlie Brown" cartoons.

"At least now I can go see my wife and newborn son,” Scaramucci told President Donald Trump after being fired, just before both simultaneously broke out into laughter. The joke was a reference to Scaramucci's marriage ending, as he missed his son's birth for his 10-day White House stint.

Before the Scaramucci walked out of the room, Trump stepped forward to grasp Scaramucci — and then the magic happened.

The steamy six-second kiss ended right as Kelly's enormous hand slowly dragged Scaramucci out of the room.

Scaramucci had a few things left to say to the President, "I love you President. I'll miss you, Mr. President."

Who knows what actor Mario Cantone — who played Scaramucci for the character's two-episode run — will appear in next. At least "The President Show: will still have plenty of material and more characters to introduce as they mimic the unraveling of the White House.

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