Tig Notaro: "There’s some tragedy in there for everybody"

On this episode of our podcast "Salon Mix," Tig Notaro stops by the studio to talk "One Mississippi"

Published September 14, 2017 2:06PM (EDT)

Tig Notaro in "One Mississippi" (Amazon/Salon)
Tig Notaro in "One Mississippi" (Amazon/Salon)

No matter how much comic, writer and director Tig Notaro insists that her Amazon series “One Mississippi” is semi-autobiographical — "75 percent real," she says — her fans still assume that it’s closer to real-life than fiction. The show came out of a time period when everything fell apart in her life — cancer, a breakup, more disease and the unexpected death of her mom.

"There’s some tragedy in there for everybody," Notaro told Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams for this episode of "Salon Mix."

We first meet Notaro’s character when she goes home to the Gulf Coast after all of that, to understand what her life and family are now that her mom is gone. This season, the show is all caught up with Notaro’s real life, and as the show's creator and star, she has an opportunity to take control of her character’s life with a little more creative license.

That includes showing the less beautiful side of Southern culture. Season two contains more sociopolitical commentary mixed into the small-town dramedy.

"What I wanted to do with ‘One Mississippi’ is in the first season show the beauty of the town and the state and the people," said Notaro. "And I also felt like it would be irresponsible in the second season to not show that there is another side of Mississippi and of people, and it felt especially timely to do so."

Williams caught up with Notaro recently to talk about her show, her life and where "One Mississippi" will go next. Listen to the full conversation:


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