Chili's Twitter account is your new best life coach

Tony Robbins, Dr. Phil, your mother — all of them may be displaced by Chili's advice-spinning Twitter account

By Gabriel Bell
September 21, 2017 4:55PM (UTC)
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As the conventional wisdom of branding goes, Chili's Twitter account should be a repository for pithy dad humor about food, discount codes and lush photography of ribs dripping in sweet, sweet barbecue sauce. And, yet, it appears that this online extension of the reasonably priced family dining franchise has become so much more than that — a rising font of sober, useful advice in a chaotic, confusing world.

For some (wonderful, wonderful) reason people have been asking Chili's questions about life, love and finance and, what do you know, the chain is answering. Witness an exchange Wednesday night in which a Twitter user had a pertinent health care question.


"My co-pay at my primary care doc is supposed to be $0 but then I always get charged more money later even for regular checkups. WHY CHILIS," asked user @subtlerbutler who lists himself as, "A good boy whom do socialism. friends with chilis." The bar-and-grill chain replied, "If your deductible hasn't been met, your copay is how much it costs to simply leave your doctor's office. They can charge way more later." It's a clear, conscience explanation that is arguably more digestible than most things on the franchise's menu.

Another user chimed in on the same thread. @Willowpudge27 asked, "Chili's why is my love life so hopelessly bad." The restaurant that has more than 1,580 locations worldwide answered, "It's not as bad as it seems. While at times life can feel overwhelming, there's always more good than bad. You simply have to look for it." Sage, sage counsel from a company that serves less well-advised appetizers such as "Crispy Cheddar Bites" and "Loaded Boneless Wings."  

From there, more questions came, and the franchise turned philosophical in response:


As any true and honest purveyor of knowledge would, though, the chain famous for its baby back ribs and collaborations with boy bands admitted the limits of its own knowledge, a practice all gurus and faiths should mirror. 

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