Sean Spicer is threatening reporters asking questions now

Sean Spicer's road to rehabilitation in the public eye isn't going over well

By Charlie May
September 21, 2017 1:56PM (UTC)
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Sean Spicer (Getty/Alex Wong)

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer's rehabilitation tour isn't going too well. A day after it was reported that news networks won't hire him, a new report shows that his relationship with the media is crashing and burning.

Spicer was recently asked a question by Axios reporter Mike Allen, who inquired about possible notebooks that special counsel Bob Mueller may get his hands on to aid his investigation into President Donald Trump's alleged campaign ties to the Russian government.


"Mike, please stop texting/emailing me unsolicited anymore," Spicer responded, according to Axios. In a text that followed, Spicer threatened to call the authorities on Allen if he asked him anymore questions.

The former White House press secretary took an abundance of notes and filled "notebook after notebook," during Republican National Committee meetings, Trump campaign meetings and eventually during his time at the White House.

"Sean documented everything," said one source, who explained that he took so many notes to help do his job.


Spicer's subordinates would even joke that he was "writing a tell-all," Axios reported.

Some White House officials were surprised and said "that because of past investigations, they intentionally took as few notes as possible when they worked in the West Wing," Axios reported.

It was reported in previous weeks that Spicer is likely to be interviewed by Mueller and his investigative team, which could end up backfiring on some of his former colleagues.


"People are going to wish they'd been nicer to Sean . . . He was in a lot of meetings," a White House official told Axios.

While the investigation is still ongoing, things began to heat up again when news broke that Trump's former campaign chair, Paul Manafort, had his phone tapped by the FBI. Even more recently, it was reported that Manafort offered "private briefings" to a Russian billionaire that holds close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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