Alex Jones blames leftists, Communists, globalists, ISIS, antifa for Las Vegas shootings

The famed conspiracy theorist spirals all his enemies in crazed rants while driving his car

Published October 2, 2017 1:10PM (EDT)

Alex Jones (YouTube/The Alex Jones Channel)
Alex Jones (YouTube/The Alex Jones Channel)

“Ladies and gentleman, the October Revolution is here,” famed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reported from his car on his way to the studio. Jones was referencing the worst mass shooting in U.S. history that occurred in Las Vegas Last night. In one statement Jones blamed globalist banks, Communists, leftists and the antifa movement.

When ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, citing no evidence (you’ll begin to notice a trend here), Jones incorporated them into his theory of a national attack where the left will incite violence to provoke the left, thus ending in a civil war. This is as much as you can glean from the rant. He doesn’t mention gun control laws once.

At press time, there is no evidence that clarifies the religious or ideological position of Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old American who massacred a country music festival from a nearby hotel and left over 50 dead and 200 injured from a nearby hotel.

According to Bloomberg, FBI agent Aaron Rouse cites no evidence to connect Paddock to ISIS. The fact that the investigation is currently being led by the local Las Vegas sheriff suggests that authorities believe there is no significant link to international terrorism yet.

That didn’t stop Jones from scooping the claim up into his narrative.

Jones seems to be struggling to find a way to blame Las Vegas on someone, anyone, that can extend his conspiracies to the point that he had to live update from his car, only taking a break to pull over and get gas.

Based on his “own intel” and his “own research,” a revolution is starting. He mentions his CIA and pentagon contacts, without citing any names, in a later video from his Infowars studio.

To Jones, this is just another example of the left starting violent revolution in collusion with Islamic terrorists, citing “racial divides” that are coming from peaceful protests to police violence, and self analysis as a country regarding civil war statues.

“Anything to get the right wing going,” he says. But don’t worry, “The leftists plan to double cross the Muslims down the road,” he says.

By Jarrett Lyons

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