Trump slams Michael Moore over "sloppy" Broadway show, but Moore claps right back

Moore responded to Trump's jab by tweeting about the more important issues that Trump should be focused on

By Matthew Rozsa

Staff Writer

Published October 30, 2017 10:26AM (EDT)

Michael Moore during "The Terms Of My Surrender" (Getty/Mike Coppola)
Michael Moore during "The Terms Of My Surrender" (Getty/Mike Coppola)

President Donald Trump is slamming Michael Moore's one-man Broadway show, and the vocally left-wing filmmaker is slamming him right back.

Moore jumped on this opportunity to not only ridicule Trump for his failed presidency, but to draw attention to things Trump should be focused on instead of Moore's Broadway show.

Even after Moore's 11-tweet rant was finished, the pugnacious progressive still wasn't done rebuking the president's criticism and demonstrating that his play had actually been successful.

Moore also went on an even longer Facebook rant to explain exactly why he felt Trump's tweet was factually incorrect.

"My Broadway show sold millions of dollars of tickets," Moore wrote on Facebook. "It did so well it's going to tour the country in 2018. Nearly 100,000 people saw It at the Belasco Theatre. It grossed an amazing $4.2 million in just 12 weeks. For 5 of those 12 weeks it was the #1 grossing play (non-musical) on Broadway. And it reached #1 even though I made sure 1/3 of all the seats were priced at $29-$49 (well below the Broadway average ticket of over $100)."

He added, "And I insisted that FREE tickets be distributed to students, low-income people, people from Flint, and citizens from any of the Muslim Travel Ban countries."

Moore also pointed out that the show was never closed but had only been scheduled to run for 12 weeks, which is exactly how long it stayed on Broadway.

Finally, Moore reiterated his earlier position about why Trump focused on Moore's play instead of the important issues facing America.

"He’s the one holding the shiny keys, trying to distract US," Moore wrote. "Tweeting about me being on Broadway or other things that have nothing to do with getting the power turned back on in Puerto Rico is his strategy to distract the public from his absolute total failure to simply do his fucking job."

By Matthew Rozsa

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