Alex Jones: The Russia investigation is a plot to make Robert Mueller "the first King of America"

According to Jones, the special investigator is trying to overthrow the Republic, but don't laugh

Published November 1, 2017 5:17PM (EDT)

Alex Jones on "Infowars" (YouTube/The Alex Jones Channel)
Alex Jones on "Infowars" (YouTube/The Alex Jones Channel)

This story has been corrected since it was originally published.

Right-Wing media hedgehog Alex Jones is at it again. After the latest slew of revelations in the Russia investigation that seems to be closing in on the Trump administration, Jones said in a recent edition of his show that is all conspiracy created to make special investigator Robert Mueller, wait for it, King of America.

Calling Mueller an “arrogant, sickening, evil man” on the Oct. 31 edition of “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones accused him of “delivering uranium on tarmacs” and “getting millions back with Russian companies on the payroll.” Mueller has, as far as anyone knows, no association with the 2010 sale of the Toronto-based uranium milling and mining company Uranium One to a private Russian industrial consortium, a sale that did not involve any nuclear materials leaving the United States and has yet become just one of many conspiracies hung around Hillary Clinton's neck (she had no direct involvement with the deal).

“And so they’ve got to put this on us" added Jones "because we’re trying to restore the republic, trying to make the country great again, and delivering."

In the kind of desperate, shrill rant that has become his trademark, Jones compared Mueller to the Roman Praetorian Guard, a military organization which interfered in government and eventually overthrew more than a few emperors. He also called Mueller “Judge Dredd” and a “judge, jury and executioner.”

Speaking of “the sunshine of freedom and Americana becoming popular again” and  “the psychological warfare of the new world order,” Jones claimed that Mueller's investigation is a last-ditch effort by democrats to seize power give because their “leader” is faltering due to illness. That leader? Republican John McCain.

Jones did not mention, and perhaps does not know, that Mueller was appointed in May and McCain wasn’t diagnosed with brain cancer or starting to cross party lines to sink republican health care bills until July. It is difficult to spy a plot to transfer party leadership between the two here, as if there was a question.

“They’ve put everything they can into Robert Mueller," snarled Jones about the democrats, "who would be the first king of America." Mueller's ascension to monarchy would, in Jones' words, “mark the end of the republic."

Jones is absolutely correct here. In its 241 years, the United States has never had a king. However, he seems to gloss over the fact that Mueller’s appointment was mostly bipartisan and that there are checks and balances to the U.S. government so he cannot, in fact, wrest absolute control over it.

Now, Jonesean signature tirades such as this may be funny in their way, but laughing brushes away the problem that some people actually believe him. On Twitter, the video that features his accusations against Mueller was retweeted 474 times and liked 847 times. That's not nothing.

As well, Jones is currently deep into baiting a civil war that he and others of his ilk allege will begin on Nov. 4 when the left wing and antifa will spark a revolution through mass, violent action. He's gone so far as to tweet images of an ad that appeared in The New York Times that he alleges promotes this revolution (it does not).

Such baiting, such ravings are exactly why someone walked into a pizzeria with an AR-15 in order to save children he had been told were victims of a sexual slavery ring run by Hillary Clinton. Such false equivalencies, false histories and, yes, fake news are the real danger to the country, not a special counsel who would be king.

By Jarrett Lyons

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