15 space and astronomy podcasts that are out of this world

Blast off into the final frontier — without ever leaving the ground

Published November 5, 2017 3:00PM (EST)


The vastness of space is captured in these 15 shows about space exploration and travel, rockets and universally interesting astronomical objects.

1. “Are We There Yet?”

The next chapter of human space exploration is being written by space reporter Brendan Byrne and his interviews with engineers and scientists working on Mars travel technology.

2. “Cosmic Vertigo”

Making sense of the dizzying amount of incomprehensible space there is in space with astronomers Dr. Amanda Bauer and Dr. Alan Duffy.

3. “Orbital Path"

The big questions of the cosmos and how those answers connect to life on earth.

4. “Space”

Everything final frontier: fearless space explorers, space missions in history and a guide for living in space.

5. “Mars”

Exploring the fourth planet from the sun and our potential future there.

6. “Countdown”

Ten of the world’s most dramatic space missions that turned into a crises — some deadly dangerous, some narrowly successful.

7. “Space Rocket History”

The history of space exploration through the rockets that got us there: big and small, new and old, in order of their missions.

8. “The Space Above Us”

A history of NASA human space flight, shared in 20-minute episodes.

9. “Planetary Radio”

The Planetary Society’s Mat Kaplan and distinguished out-of-this-world guests provide a weekly dose of planetary and space science.

10. “Liftoff”

Space talk for the universally enthusiastic (and not just rocket scientists).

11. “Main Engine Cut Off”

An in-depth and critical look into the developments of space exploration, policy and strategy.

12. “Hostile Worlds”

A semi-dramatized travelogue to the most dangerous places in our solar system.

13. “Walkabout the Galaxy”

Irreverent yet relevant astronomical discoveries from the Astroquark trio.

14. “Travelers In The Night”

Updates on asteroids, comets, moons and planets, from an astronomer who discovers them.

15. “Spacepod”

The immensity of our universe, grounded in expert interviews conducted by Dr. Carrie Nugent.

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