Ex-Fox News employee says network blocked her Russia investigation

Former Fox reporter says she was forbidden from traveling to Moscow to report on Trump-Kremlin connection

Published November 20, 2017 4:31PM (EST)

 (Getty/Spencer Platt)
(Getty/Spencer Platt)

It seems that Fox News isn't too eager to learn about the growing scandal surrounding President Donald Trump and his administration's alleged relationship with the Russian government.

A former Fox Radio correspondent who is suing the network for gender discrimination described the problem to the British Parliament on Monday, Bloomberg reported. Jessica Golloher described how, desiring to investigate the accusations that the Trump campaign had improper connections to Russian government officials, she asked Fox News to allow her to go to Russia.

"Fox didn’t let me go to Moscow to dig into Trump’s Russian connections, even when I offered to pay my own way," Golloher described. She added, "Fox is just buying what the White House is selling."

Golloher's story is the second one to emerge this year about alleged collusion between Fox News and Trump. In August it was reported that, shortly after firing FBI Director James Comey, a wealthy Republican donor worked with the network to hire a private investigator in order to conclude that Wikileaks may have received its documents from a murdered former Democratic National Committee employee named Seth Rich. When the private investigator didn't arrive at the conclusions that Trump desired, he was allegedly told that "the quotes were included because that is the way the President wanted the article."

Another publication that was sympathetic to the Trump administration, Wikileaks, was caught in a similarly compromising position earlier this year. Foreign Policy revealed in August that the so-called transparency website refused to publish at least 68 gigabytes of data of documents from the Russian Interior Ministry.

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