Donald Trump is preparing for Thanksgiving by complaining on Twitter

The president is at his golf course, where he can't keep his hands off his phone

By Matthew Rozsa
Published November 22, 2017 3:30PM (UTC)
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President Donald Trump spent Wednesday morning, one day before Thanksgiving, paying his respects to an American soldier who had been killed in Niger and whose partial remains were recovered last week, as well as generally encouraging Americans to be thankful for their blessings.

Just kidding. He actually rehashed some petty quarrels.


Within the span of less than half an hour, Trump pirouetted from insulting LaVar Ball to lambasting the NFL player protests. LaVar Ball, you may recall, told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Monday that he doesn't need to thank Trump for the release of his son, LiAngelo Ball, from China. Trump was livid at the notion that he shouldn't receive credit for his part in trying to secure the younger Ball's freedom, as evidenced by these tweets he issued on Monday.

Trump's next tweet was a response to a recent report that the NFL may require players to stay in the locker rooms to avoid any protesting during the national anthem. After that brief tangent, however, he went back to insulting LaVar Ball.

Of course, Trump managed to initially bungle even this attempt at retweeting one of his supporters. The mistake? At first he didn't recognize that the man was actually supporter.


Trump also seized the opportunity to brag about the economy under his administration, ignoring that he merely inherited the good conditions left for him by his predecessor, President Barack Obama. For that, he retweeted far-right Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Finally, Trump included a brief, anemic tweet about a tragedy that occurred within the Navy — something he's actually responsible for.

Lest you think Trump had suddenly changed his tune and decided to spend the day before Thanksgiving taking his office seriously, though, CNBC's Christina Wilkie posted this observation about Trump's routine for the day.


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