13 science podcasts for short attention spans

Have 60 seconds to spare? You can learn some science!

Published November 26, 2017 3:00PM (EST)


These podcasts aren’t your average science class: These mini-lessons are an inquisitive guide to the natural and technological world of observation, research, and discovery.

1. “60-Second Science”

One-minute daily doses of interesting developments in the world of science.

2. “Babes of Science”

Go beyond Marie Curie with short biographies of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

3. “Story Collider”

Live storytelling focusing on science — but not only from researchers, doctors and engineers! Patients, poets, comedians, cops… everyone has a story about science. Note: Early episodes of this show are shorter; the last year of episodes unify two stories around a theme.

4. “Brains On!”

Curious kids of all ages, rejoice: All the science questions you never thought to ask, answered for those with shorter attention spans.

5. “Distillations”

The long-running Chemical Heritage Foundation brings a historical perspective to the science and technology in our lives today and moving into the future.

6. “Discovery”

A weekly look at all things science — technology, research, the elements, space, cells, biology, chemistry, neuroscience…

7. “Transistor”

Short stories about scientific curiosities and current events, curated by PRX.

8. “Chemistry in its element”

Chemistry World’s short weekly update compounds the elemental building blocks of, well, everything, as it moves through the periodic table and beyond.

9. “Undiscovered”

Scientific research isn’t necessary an orderly pursuit. The team behind Science Friday meanders their way through the discovery process and how scientists figured out the surprising and new things they’ve learned.

10. “Science Solved It”

Scientific explanations for some of the world’s most mysterious occurrences: underwater sounds, moving rocks and floating lights.

11. “The Guardian’s Science Weekly”

Discoveries and debates on biology, chemistry, physics, neuroscience and math.

12. “Great Moments in Science”

Small stories about big moments in science, answering the questions we’ve long pondered: Why do we yawn? Is there such a thing as death by chocolate? How rare are four-leaf clovers?

13. “StarDate”

Look up in the dark; what do you see? StarDate is your daily (and nightly) guide to the night sky.

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