"Word-for-word:" Alex Jones boasts that Donald Trump repeats things the host tells him

Conspiracy radio host touts influencing the president in private meetings

Published November 27, 2017 6:57PM (EST)


Conspiracy radio talker Alex Jones boasted on Sunday that he has regular, private conversations with Donald Trump and that the president routinely parrots things that Jones tells him.

The Infowars founder claimed that he has “personally witnessed” Trump repeat “word-for-word” information that Jones has shared with him in private conversations “at least five or six times.” Trump loves listening to things that random people tell him, Jones said. The president writes down the hot scoops and then asks close aides to verify the information via methods Jones did not specify.

"They call that easily influence or he believes the last thing he heard," Jones said dismissively."When he gets told about a Harvard study showing that millions of illegals voted, he goes and looks into it and finds out it's true. I mean that's what Trump does."

Despite Jones' claim, the evidence that millions of non-citizens voted in 2016 is essentially non-existent.

According to Jones, Trump also likes to take advice from people he meets while campaigning, even though in political circles, rally attendees are notorious for promoting conspiracy theories and nonsense.

"You notice he'll be on the campaign trail people are handing him stuff or he'll start writing things down," Jones said.

He then compared such political statements to customer feedback that Trump collected while operating his real estate empire.

"He's obsessed with what people tell him," Jones said. "At his hotels and his condos, Trump routinely will just walk around for hours and just write down what people think and what they say and then blow up at people."

"It's not like something special that I've told Trump stuff, he's gone and looked into it and then when he found out it was true, responded," the fake news impresario said.


Trump carries around numerous yellow pads on which he writes political tidbits and conspiracy theories and then dumps them off on assistants to verify them for him, according to Jones. "He'll just have pockets full of it," Jones said. "He gets on his jet and then pulls them out and starts looking at it. And then talks to an aide and has them go look it up for him and bring it back to him."

According to Jones, Trump pursues such random theories late into the night most evenings. "Until 2 in the morning most nights, he's in there checking stuff," the host claimed.

Jones' description of Trump's late-night activities tracks well with what has been observed of the president's Twitter habits. It also tracks with what several mainstream media sources, whom Trump frequently derides as "fake news," have reported about his nights.

"Once he goes upstairs, there’s no managing him,” one anonymous Trump adviser told the Washington Post in April.

The Trump-Infowars nexus is multi-directional.

In May, Jones boasted that Infowars contributor Mike Cernovich — with whom he recently discussed a wide-ranging conspiracy driven by an unknown artificial intelligence to promote Islam — was in close contact with Trump's sons, Donald Junior and Eric. Cernovich has also boasted that White House chief of staff John Kelly would be unable to stop the president from receiving conspiracy material because the younger Trumps give it to him first-hand.

"If it's good enough, Don Jr. will give it to him," Mike Cernovich, an Infowars contributor and chief promulgator of the Pizzagate conspiracy, boasted to BuzzFeed in August.

By Matthew Sheffield

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