Roy Moore campaign staffer captured physically confronting two cameramen

A Roy Moore campaign coordinator began shoving a cameraman outside an event for the disgraced candidate

Published November 28, 2017 8:34AM (EST)

Roy Moore (Getty/Jonathan Bachman)
Roy Moore (Getty/Jonathan Bachman)

Outside a campaign rally for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, a staffer with the campaign was seen physically confronting two cameramen on Monday night.

Tony Goolesby, the campaign coordinator for DeKalb county, got physical and began shoving a local cameraman briefly before the start of a campaign event in Henagar, WHNT reported.

A video of the short incident was posted on Twitter by Alabama reporter Connor Sheets. The second cameraman was verbally assaulted, according to Sheets. It was reported by a Fox News producer that the cameramen worked for Fox News.

"Man wearing Roy Moore sticker physically attacked a cameraman attempting to film Moore's arrival outside campaign rally a few minutes ago here in Henagar, Alabama. Another man w/ Moore sticker verbally assaulted a second cameraman, " Sheets tweeted.

It's currently not clear what took place before the confrontation, but Sheets claimed the cameraman was attempting to film Moore's arrival at the event.    

The Moore campaign has been riddled with controversies since its inception, but Moore has vowed to finish the race despite the numerous allegations that he molested underage teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

The video may not appear to show an outright attack that resulted in physical injuries, but the news also exemplifies a dangerous precursor for the way in which political campaigns have treated the media.

A key component of President Donald Trump's campaign was his vilification of the media, which is a picture he continues to paint today. Just the night he was elected, Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter from The Guardian. He won, and was allowed to take his seat in Congress, despite pleading guilty to the misdemeanor.

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