Mindfulness... in notebook form!

Start each day off with the mindset you want, with this small tool to help you reorganize and reset yourself

Published November 29, 2017 5:14PM (EST)

We all lead busy lives — and between running around trying to make your career, interpersonal relationships and passion projects all work together and run smoothly, it's easy to feel a little unfocused and frantic. Gain a little extra clarity with The Mindful Notebook — an easy tool meant to help you reorganize and reset daily.

This Kickstarter success helps you manage even your craziest days with a little more steadiness. It's divided into three parts that work in conjunction to make your routine a little more balanced.

There's a Daily Inspirational quote included on each page to make sure you're properly grounded and give you an extra mental boost before you start your day. There's also a section for notes and journaling to help you stay on track, and a Gratitude Patience section — because it helps to get a little self-reminder every now and again.

Not only does this notebook help you organize and set goals for yourself, it fosters a positive attitude the entire time — and Corso donates to the Foundation for a Mindful Society with every purchase. Take back control of your day: usually, The Mindful Notebook is $30, but you can get it now for $21.99.

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