12 essential podcasts about the great outdoors

All things outside, from public parks to a show about women exploring Antarctica

Published December 10, 2017 3:00PM (EST)

 (Getty/Frederick Florin)
(Getty/Frederick Florin)

Whether or not the weather outside is frightful, these 12 podcasts about the outdoors are filled with harrowing adventures, fulfilling travels, and meditations and explorations of nature.

1. “Out There”

Personal stories about our close relationship with the outdoors.

2. “Outdoor Radio”

The mysteries of the natural world, explained.

3. “Outside/In”

Our complicated relationship with the outdoors is front and center in New Hampshire Public Radio’s show — perfect for anyone who has ever been outside.

4. “The Discovery Adventures”

You’re going to want your headphones for this: an immersive binaural audio drama that takes listeners on a family adventure around the UK’s most fascinating places.

5. “G.O. Get Outside Podcast”

Expanding the definition of the outdoor lifestyle through interviews with people who like (or would like) to be outdoors.

6. “Scotland Outdoors”

You don’t have to book a flight to explore the Scottish countryside; this audio pocket guide can take you there for free.

7. “She Explores”

A podcast for women inspired by spending time outside.

8. “Women on the Road”

A spin-off of "She Explores," "Women on the Road" focuses on the experience of life on the road, hosted by on-the-road traveler Laura Hughes.

9. “Outside Podcast”

The keystone series “The Science of Survival” is now interspersed with interviews, newsworthy stories and women in the outdoors.

10. “Wintry Mix”

All about the snow and wrangling it, "Wintry Mix" is a monthly meeting ground for skiing culture.

11. “Open Space”

Fans of "Parks and Recreation," rejoice: the real-life National Recreation and Park Association has a podcast, because everyone deserves a park.

12. “This is Our Time”

The largest all-women scientific expedition to Antarctica has begun — and we’re along for the ride in this up-close-and-personal narrative of their experience.

For more audio collections like this, check out RadioPublic’s guide. Begin listening to the most recent episodes here, or download the RadioPublic app for iOS or Android to follow the shows from any of these links.

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