White House staffers are cracking under the pressure of the Mueller probe: report

The president's confidence he'll be exonerated isn't shared by staff

Published December 11, 2017 9:30AM (EST)

Robert Mueller (Getty/Andrew Burton)
Robert Mueller (Getty/Andrew Burton)

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.


NBC chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson says White House staffers are terrified of being swept up in special prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation, despite President Donald Trump's evidence-free belief he'll be exonerated in the probe.

“For people, Republicans, allies of the president — I will also tell you, mood-wise, you can’t overstate the paranoia and the concern inside the West Wing about this investigation,” Jackson said.

Trump seems to be in a state of denial over the trajectory of the investigation that's already found his former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.

“[T]he president, I’m told loves to be talking about his tax bill. He’s actually feeling pretty good about where he is right now," Jackson explained.

Watch the segment below.

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