Make Jerry proud: Learn to play guitar the smart way

From Salon Marketplace: One of the most interesting and time-efficient means of improving your guitar skills

Published December 14, 2017 6:01PM (EST)

Jerry Garcia (AP)
Jerry Garcia (AP)

Technology helps us out with pretty much everything these days — whether it's jogging our memory with calendar reminders for social engagements, giving us turn-by-turn directions when we need it or even helping us turn our lights on and off. It only makes sense that now that's extending to the hobbies we pick up: including playing the guitar. With this FRETX Smart Guitar Learning Device, you'll learn to play guitar in a smarter (and less expensive) way than time-consuming and pricey lessons.

This clever device fits any guitar you've got lying around — acoustic or electric — and shows you with lights where to put your fingers when playing chords, so you don't need to know how to read music before you can start strumming. Controlled by mobile app, the FRETX makes it easy to save on lessons while nailing down the basics, giving you immediate feedback on how you're playing (just like a regular music teacher).

You'll learn all the basic chords in less than an hour, plus FRETX allows teachers and students alike to share exercises through the app, helping improve your skills. It even connects with 3rd-party apps and is open-source for further developments — so the sky's the limit for your learning.

Stop playing air guitar, and start planning shows for your own real-life audience: usually, the FRETX Smart Guitar Learning Device is $110, but you can get it now for $69.99.

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