Alex Jones and Roger Stone prepare for "civil war after Trump is removed from office"

Jones and Stone say they don't condone violence, but they're preparing for it just in case

Published December 22, 2017 11:58AM (EST)

Alex Jones (Getty/Oli Scarff)
Alex Jones (Getty/Oli Scarff)

Alex Jones and Roger Stone visited a gun range recently.

Though it may sound like the beginning of a joke, it actually happened this week, and Jones documented the experience on his YouTube channel — because he's ready for some violence.

"Try to impeach him, just try it," Stone said. "You will have a spasm of violence in this country, an insurrection like you’ve never seen."

"You're predicting that if he got impeached there'd be some sort of Civil War-type?" the cameraman asked Stone to clarify ."

Yes, that's what I think will happen."

"We defensively have a right to defend ourselves," Jones said in the nearly one-and-a-half-hour-long gun range video. "Roger's been going to the shooting range more and more, and now has security, just like we do."

Jones was referencing the very chilling response Stone, a former campaign adviser for President Donald Trump, gave to TMZ in August when asked what would happen if Trump was impeached.

"Since I understand how fake news works, let me start this out by saying we do not advocate violence or foment violence," Stone said, as loud gunfire erupted in the background. "But if there is a coup d’etat, if there is an illegitimate unconstitutional effort to remove Donald Trump on trumped-up charges by a biased and partisan prosecutors (sic) or an illegitimate takedown by the 25th Amendment, there will be a civil war in this country.

"The Trump constituency has been awakened and they will not be put to sleep," he continued. "I choose to defend myself and my family. I'm tired of the death threats, I'm tired of the need for personal security, I'm tired of the insults. And therefore, I'm going to defend the Constitution and myself."

Once the two entered the shooting range, the video continued to document as they shot various semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms.

According to Media Matters, "While firing the weapons, Stone and Jones joked about shooting 'commie dogs' and making a 'JFK throat shot,' and Jones joked that Stone is 'our Rambo' to 'take on the globalists.'"

Jones' belief that the U.S. is on the brink of a Civil War has long been a recurring theme for his broadcasts. While he maintained that was is the left — Democrats, liberals, Antifa, "globalists" — who would start this war, Jones has seemingly indicated that he would have no problem participating in it.

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