Seth Meyers just slammed Mike Pence for what he said about Trump — and it's brutal

After piling praise on Donald Trump at a Cabinet meeting, Mike Pence became a victim of Late Night comedy

Published December 22, 2017 11:44AM (EST)

Seth Meyers (Getty/Craig Barritt)
Seth Meyers (Getty/Craig Barritt)

After Republicans succeeded in passing their sweeping tax bill, Vice President Mike Pence continuously praised President Trump in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday. And that, noted Seth Meyers, wasn't a good look.

Of course Meyers had his job done for him — Pence commending Trump a total of 14 times in under three minutes, or once every 12.5 seconds, reported the Washington Post. Pence's worst compliments included these gems:

Thank you for seeing, through the course of this year, an agenda that truly is restoring this country.

You've restored American credibility on the world stage.

I’m deeply humbled, as your vice president, to be able to be here.

Because of your leadership, Mr. President, and because of the strong support of the leadership in the Congress of the United States, you're delivering on that middle-class miracle.

Mostly, Mr. President, I’ll end where I began and just tell you, I want to thank you, Mr. President. I want to thank you for speaking on behalf of and fighting every day for the forgotten men and women of America.

And Meyers was sure to mention that Pence made all these praises — and several others — right to Trump’s face — as he was sitting across from him.

“Even [Trump] is like ‘Dude, I’m married,’” Meyers joked. “After that Cabinet meeting, Pence showed up at Trump’s door holding cue cards” — a reference to the romantic comedy film “Love Actually.”

And considering Pence’s vehemently anti-gay attitude, the mere suggestion of his interest in Trump must really hurt.

Watch the clip below:

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