Leigh C. Anderson

Leigh C. Anderson is an editorial intern at Salon.

Trump: "We could use a little bit of that good, old global warming" Leigh C. Anderson
Snapchat Billboard
CNN cuts back its Snapchat experiment because it couldn't make money Leigh C. Anderson
Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers just slammed Mike Pence for what he said about Trump — and it's brutal Leigh C. Anderson
Bill O'Reilly
Bill O’Reilly's latest controversial "Tip of The Day" has many people scratching their heads Leigh C. Anderson
Danny Masterson
Netflix executive tells Danny Masterson rape accuser that the company doesn’t believe her allegation Leigh C. Anderson
John Hockenberry
WNYC's Hockenberry sexual-harassment report is an example of how liberal media can fail victims too Leigh C. Anderson
Donald Trump
Trump didn't mention the LGBT community in his World AIDS Day statement because of course he didn't Leigh C. Anderson
Automation is coming for more jobs than you may realize Leigh C. Anderson
James O'Keefe
Right-wing plant tries, fails to dupe the Washington Post with a false Roy Moore story Leigh C. Anderson
Ringo Starr
Breitbart editor uses Ringo Starr song to defend Roy Moore from sex-abuse allegations Leigh C. Anderson
Kellyanne Conway
Legal complaint filed against Kellyanne Conway for Roy Moore comments Leigh C. Anderson
Leann Tweeden on
Leeann Tweeden reads Al Franken's handwritten apology on "The View" Leigh C. Anderson
Karen Fonseca
Texas driver with "F**k Trump" sticker targeted by cops, arrested on warrant Leigh C. Anderson
Rose McGowan
After news of Weinstein's spy ring, Rose McGowan's cocaine conspiracy claims seem reasonable Leigh C. Anderson
Roy Moore
Watch a reporter compare Roy Moore's alleged child sex abuse to stealing a lawn mower Leigh C. Anderson