Donald Trump Jr. explains why his dad can't be racist

Even the "I have black friends" defense wasn't believable enough for the president's namesake

By Jeremy Binckes

Published February 6, 2018 7:54AM (EST)

 (Reuters/Andrew Kelly)
(Reuters/Andrew Kelly)

President Donald Trump's namesake, Donald Trump Jr., wants you to know that — despite the president's policies and the fact that he has a penchant for calling out black people on their actions or for questioning him — the president is not racist, because he has black friends.

Only, Trump didn't say "black friends." That would imply that they're actually friends. Instead, Trump said that his dad used to hang out with "rappers" — not Jay-Z, apparently — and that is the reason why he can't be racist whatsoever. "It’s been terrible to watch, because I know him, I’ve seen him my whole life, I’ve seen the things he’s done," Trump said.

“It’s amazing, all the rappers, all the this, all his African-American friends, from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton, I have pictures with them . . . it was only when he got into politics that all of a sudden, Oh, he’s the most terrible human being ever,” he added.

Granted, Trump may have a point. When The Donald was just a media figure — the guy who looked rich and said "you're fired" on America's TVs for years — it was possible to relate to him. It was only when President Trump became political — loudly beating the drum for years that the first black president was born in Kenya — that his racism came to light.

On the campaign trail, Trump compared inner cities to hell. He was obsessed with a "law and order" strategy, while overlooking systemic racism at all levels. And, in one of the most eye-popping examples, he started a war of words against athletes who were exercising their constitutional rights, all because it upset white spectators.

Then again, he did have black friends, and that's certainly a sign that no one is racist, ever.

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