How you can become a better poker player

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Published February 8, 2018 7:00AM (EST)

Imagine turning your downtime into a money-making opportunity — just by playing some poker? Or how about finally beating your one buddy who always manages to steal the show when it's poker night? Whether you want to dominate online or in real life, we've got a few hot tips to be a better poker player — and hey, it just might help you win enough side cash to help out with your vacation fund, savings and more.

1. Objectively assess your skill level

Whether you're downright mediocre, or a strategic whiz kid when it comes to your hand, it's good to have a pragmatic, unbiased viewpoint of where you're genuinely at in your game. If you're abysmal and you know it, raise your hand proudly — that knowledge is a good thing, so you don't make crazy risks not knowing what you're capable of pulling off. Figure out your skill set and starting point, and then build upwards from there. Need to read other players better? Need to pick out better paths for the hand you've got? There are literally a thousand ways to improve.

2. Keep a record book of your performance

First, you don't want to be that person that aimlessly wastes away all their funds without keeping track of what you've won and lost. There's professional No-Limit Hold’em professional poker players, and they treat their job just like that — professionally. Even if you're playing for fun, if you really want to get better, record books act just like appraisals that help you gauge how you're doing. Start getting some numbers (and some data) to help you see where your weak points are so that you can step up your game.

3. If you're playing for money, have a goal in mind

We've all got bills to pay — and your poker playing habit should in no way be dependent or connected to paying them. Calculate how much you can lose, and cap your playing at that. On the competitive side of things? Set a reasonable goal for how much you want to earn (using your record book) — and if you can use your "losses" cap to start working towards that goal.

4. Study the game

Experience, study, and research — there's nothing quite like it. Poker's one of those games where if you're standing still, you'll be left behind — and there are tips, strategies, and tools that comprise playing that always evolve and change.

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