This portable wardrobe pack is perfect for travel

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Published February 16, 2018 6:00AM (EST)

Admit it: whether you're headed to a luxe resort or going off the grid, something always tends to go missing right when you need it the most. Snug beanie when it's cold out? Gone. A single set of matching socks? Nope. Let's not even talk about underwear. Get a little help with your packing (and unpacking) skills with this Rolo Travel Bag.

Instead of just tossing your stuff into a duffel bag or suitcase (according to travelers' rules, that's basically the equivalent of throwing your garments into a wormhole), use this innovative, lightweight bag. It features separated mesh pockets and a 360-degree hanging hook. All you need to do is pack, open your bag upon arrival, swing the hook around and hang for easy access to everything you need.

It's basically like having a portable closet — except unlike your closet, you can see where everything is, totally laid out. Plus, it's made out of waterproof nylon, is easy to roll up, and works either as a shoulder bag or hooks onto your backpack.

It's the perfect way to keep track of your stuff (and dress like you're not colorblind) wherever it is you're going. Usually, this Rolo Travel Bag is $49.99, but you can get it now for $42.99. Plus in honor of President's Day, Salon readers can save an additional 20% when using code USA20 at checkout.

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